Cable Cuff Rod Locks

I saw post on message boards and they stated about using the “Cable Cuff” for the connecting end of a rod lease. I tired this and the Cable Cuff on a spinning real just rubbed my fingers the entire time fishing. It just got in the way and was annoying.

Now that I had these cable cuff and I did not like them as a rod leash, what was I going to do with them? So I thought, I take 4 rods with me Bass or Striper fishing and I am a lure fisherman. So even though I may have 4 rods with me, I am only using one at a time and the other three are just other presentations waiting to be used. So, 3 rods are just sitting in the rod holders on the crate and siting on the bench waiting for the warm up call.

My rod holder are  1 1/4″ PVC cut and slotted for the reel seat to drop in and hold the reel into a position. So my rods are just sitting there and without anything to keep them from being part of the yard sale on the bottom if I was to Turtle. Suddenly the light bulb went off on how I could use the Cable cuffs. I experimented with several options and what you will see below s what I ended up with and works for me.

As you can see below, I drilled a hole below the bottom of the slot in the rod holder wide enough for a wire tie to slide through. The wire tie is slide through the hole and over the bottom of the reel slot in the rod holder and cinched with the cable cuff in the correct position to hold the reel in the rod holder if the kayak flipped.


This holds the rod into place no matter what happens.  Now a few more reference pictures on how it looks with the rod and reels in it and locked down.



Enjoy, make your own and post a comment if it helps you.


3 responses to “Cable Cuff Rod Locks

  1. Thanks for the idea. Just built a new crate with the 3 rod holder setup on the back and its a little bit of a stretch to get the rods out. This locking method should be easy enough to lock the rods down and to unlock easy enough as well. I’m assumming its just a push of the button on the side?


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