Commander rod holders

This is a rod holder setup I used for my Commander 120 the first year I had the Commander. I still fished with the soft tackle box that held all the loose Plano trays and it just worked back then. When I went to the 6 gallon crate it got in the way and mounting PVC to the crate than use this as it got too far away from me.


So anyways back to the post, right. Nothing like diminishing as idea as your explaining how to build it yourself, right? 😀 I am not saying it is a bad idea, I actually loved this. When I changed tackle holders to a crate, it just did not work with the crate. If you are doing something different, this could be perfect for you.

So again, back to building it, no distractions here! 😉 This is a really simple build. The rod holder ate just 1 1/4″ PVC pipe with routed slots for the reel handles. The sit into a a 1×4 piece of lumber. The are glued as even tight fitted I started getting slippage in the rod holders.

I had considered using 5 rod holder and finally gave that up as it seemed too crowded. At least that is why I did not use the 5th holder, that was my excuse. To be honest, I take 4 rods bass fishing and use two, sometimes three. Another post will cover my fishing styles, but a spinner (inline or spinner baits) on one, a crank-bait and a soft bait as a follow up to the first two. My buddy is a big bottom jigger and the 4th rod has that and it usually sits dormant unless he is heavily out fishing me. So why take so many more rods? “cause I can, and the don’t like being left home, right! 😀

Here is the rod holder pictured from the side.


You can see how I use a hole drilled in the 1×4 and made loop with a knot in it to bind in the board. This is pulled through the board and snapped over the normal slide trax bungee hooks to anchor the rod holder down. This make it easy to remove, easy to put on and if you drift into a tree the entire thing will lean over  without breaking a rod or breaking the rod holder. See below.


Enjoy and comment are welcome.


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