Prowler Dash Board

After making my dash board for my Commander, I knew I wanted one for my Prowler. My Prowler is an ’07 and it does not have any slide trax like the new Tarpons or the Commander does to mount a dash board. It is also not wide enough for the YakAtack Gear Track to be screwed on the area I wanted it mounted.

As we get into this you will notice the dash board is mounted over my rudder peddles, which are now my trolling motor steering peedles. I found this to be annoying as I could not swing my legs over the side and it severely reduced my mobility. The Pad Eye closest to the front in the pics is now the pad eye closest to me and I added another set farther up. I found this later position does not crowd my feet and I can still lean forward to get to my tools and fish finder plenty easy.

Pictured mounted from the back with the transducer arm up.


The transducer arm is made from 3/4 inch square stock that I had laying around. It is screwed to the dash board with two screws. A bolt acts as the hinge for the swing arm. The transducer cable runs through the square tube and the transducer is bolted at the bottom of the swing arm. I have 8 AA batteries in the WP box you see. The extra transducer cable is rolled up in the box. The orange string is just shorter than the wire cables so the box cab hang off the dash board while moving or dropping without stressing my wires and connections. I have have a webbing strap holding the box to the underside of the dash board on the left side of the picture you see above. (My right side)

From the front with the transducer arm down


From the top showing the holes the Scotty rod holders can bolt for mounting.


From my side, the tool board with cup holder and everything I need right in front of me. you can see the wire clamps holding the bungee in this picture.


The side and how the bungee clips to the pad eyes. There are cable clips inside the dash board holding the bungee to the dash board. I am not sure I would use bungee if I was trolling for stripers. I think I would go to clips and webbing to stiffen it. Just to hold tools, a fish finder and a soda, well it works really well.


And there you go. A dashboard on any standard kayak.


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