Slide Trax Nuts

Just like making a Dash Board, I had to find a way to mount it. The store was selling them online for $15, plus $10 shipping for 6 and I said, nahh, I can make these.

So of course, off to Lowes for the supplies. The bar stock below was about 3′ long for $6 and it made all the nuts me and my buddy have needed and I still have 18″ of it left. 😀


I just cut the bar stock into 1″ long sections. The I took them to the smooth grinder and file and cleaned up the cuts and the corners. Then back to the work bench. I took a pencil and drew an X from corner to corner and use a center punch to mark the center. Then they where drilled and tapped for 10-24 bolts.

I know, if you have read on the harmony stuff they use 1/4-20 threads. That is fine and they will work, but 1/4-20 is over kill for mounting equipment on to a plastic kayak.I also opted for 10-32 bolts as my wire strippers have a bolt cutter for 6-32, 8-32 and 10-24 so I can screw the bolt in to the length I want and shear them off like in a pair of scissors and when you unscrew them, it straightens all the threads back out.

I actually stood my Commander  up on end to wash it one time. I lost control of it and it rolled over and slammed into the ground and bounced hard! The screws onto the riser through the dash board ripped out of the riser, but the slide trax nuts held fine. I just changed the dash board screws from 10’s to 12’s and all was fine again.


From the front



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