Frontier Truck Rack

This was a project done last year as I found a trailer for the kayak did not always work and my 15′ Prowler will not fit in my truck bed without falling out without a bed extender. The trailer has worked before, but I was noticing more as I went to fish at the bay the spots for trailers filled up fast and kayak launches did not have trailer spaces available, so I needed a solution.

I needed a truck rack to haul the kayak, but did not want one on the truck all the time. I did internet research and did not find anything easy on, easy off and nothing cheap. I did find a guy posting on his blog a similar design to this for his Frontier, but he used a lower 2×4 at the bottom which blocked up the entire truck bed. I knew I could do the same thing with 45 degree angled 2×4’s. So I think I bought 6 2x4x8′ boards and started building one Saturday my friends canceled out on me. The only other parts was a bottle of Tight-bond II Glue and 2 boxes of 3″ plated deck screws.


I don’t have all the dimensions I used at this point. I was not blogging then and It was built to the truck bed liner to sit in the 2×4 rest spots, be strapped down the the racket points and have the kayaks clear the roof.

I cut all the pieces, glued and screwed them all together and dry fit everything. Then I strapped it down and left it in the truck for three days in the summer sun to dry the wood and control warp-age to match the truck. Here is a picture form the back.


The 45 degree angled at the bottom caused a pinch spot for the ratchet straps. They would did into this area and make it hard to deal with. So I release the straps, took some of the scrap and cut pieces of the 45 degree scrap. Coated them in Tight-bond II, put them into place. Then replaced the ratchet straps and tightened back down and they have stayed ever since.


Then after a month or two, I used deck stain and sealed the rack up really good. Now it sits out back behind the garage on wood blocks waiting for a fishing trip to the bay.