Hook hangers – DIY

I like to make my own hook hangers for lures from standard wire. I can’t take credit for the idea as I got it from reading other lure makers, but I found I like using them better. They work just as well and are a whole bunch cheaper. If you are in fresh water you can use galvanized wire, but its better to just get some stainless steel wire as they are not as easy to replace as hooks are to change. The best wire to use is .o3 to .04 wire. Harbor Freight has a 1 lb. roll for $8 of .041 and it should handle most lures until your through wire large saltwater lures. If you start getting up into .05 wire you are going to need stronger hands than I do.

I just use standard jewelers piers and either vice locks or another piers to twist the loops. All you need is what I have shown below. The Jewelers pliers (round nose you can buy them at the craft stores), another set of pliers, 2″ or more of length of wire depending on how long you want/need the hangers to be.

Hook hanger tools

The wire is just placed into the center of the round nose pliers and and folded over to start making the hook hanger, or line ties. Its should look just like below to get started.

hook hanger before

The next step is the work of it. Grab the center of the wire with the round nose pliers and hold it tight and the bottom with the other pliers. Vice lock pliers work very well on the bottom and make it so much easier. Start twisting from either, or both, ends until you get a nice formed loop for the end of the hook hanger.

Twisting hook hanger

Once its all twisted up you just straighten it all out and form it up. I will twist mine 1 1/2″ long for a 1″ hole and just trim them to length as needed. You can see below the twist got tight on this one and bent the hanger some. You just use the pliers and straighten it back out. Loosed the jaws a little on the vice locks it it does a good job of flattening back out the round hanger end visible outside of the lure. Its does not change how it works, it just makes it look neater.

Size inserted into lure

Then you just get some 5 minute epoxy and glue the hook hangers in place. Below is a Rattle Trap ready to be sealed and painted.


You can also wait to add the hook hangers until after the lure is painted. I drill a 1/8″ hole for the hook hangers. I have small handles make from 1/8″ dowel set into 3/8″ dowels. The 1/8″ dowel slides into the lure and the 3/8″ serves as a holding handle and also sets into a 2×4 that has holes drilled to hold all the lures with wet paint. That way I can paint many at one time.



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