Ride 135 – Tankwell Bungee ReDesign

I start out with kayaks and almost the first thing I do it get ride if the cross hatch bungee on the tank well. Yes, its great if you want to pack loose camping stuff under it, but it is a PITA to get the crate and other things in and out. I just want enough bungee to be able to hook onto my crate for the possible Turtle, which of course, isn’t going to happen. 😀 I’m better than that. Plus, I plan to have the dog hunting this year in the Ride 135 and that cross hatched bungee is just going to be in her way.

I took all the bungee out and tied knots and add a short piece to hold the rudder still. Then two pieces up each side which will hook the crate and the Dog House for hunting to be shown on the next post. This opens up the Tank well for the dog with hunting and transporting gear when hunting. The blind can go in the bottom and a decoy bag over it and a bungee clip to the two center rigging clips that are not used. Kako prefers to ride between my legs when we hit the river, she is just hunting in the back.

IMG_1947 (640x395)These rod holder are not in the normal spot. They are mounted 5″ behind the “star” where you are to drill for the standard rod holders. This is setup for the dog blind for the hunting setup to be shown later.

Here below is how the crate hooked in. The extra stuff come up front with me and the plano boxes get laid over and buneed down, if in rough areas. I’d like to have a lid, but i can’t transport all the gear like that.

IMG_1950 (640x480)But even that does not keep that small plano box safe. So, more planning to come later with the crate.

Now, I need a flush mounted rod holder for an anchor point for my dog blind for the kayak. I carry my rods on the crate so I wanted to mount it farther back than the original spot. I wanted to leave room for adding the original one later, if I wanted it and I needed room for the dog to jump out between my seat and her blind. My plans came up with 5″ back from the original Wilderness rod holder spot allowed for the first rod holder could be installed later and room for the dog to jump out. Here is the original call out spot for drilling that Wilderness Systems marks in their molds with a star. It’s hard to see until you get down close to it.

Star (640x480)

The picture below shows the star and how I marked with a center punch to drill the rod holder hole 5″ back.

5inch from Star (640x480)Then I drilled a 2 1/8″ hole, yes they call out 2″ but I wanted a little slop as the rod holder I had seemed tight for 2″ and the flange would easily cover even more of a hole. Make sure you pull back when drilling as the rudder cable tube is right in this area and just under the surface. So slow and stead drilling!!

rod holder hole (640x480)This last picture is of the rod holder installed. I used clear silicone caulk as a sealant and 3 aluminum rivets.

rod holder (640x480)Now everything is set and ready for fishing. Now I can plan making the Dog House and the blind for hunting this year with the dog.


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