Game carrier from old gun sling

I had to carry some geese out of a field the other day and my buddy had a game carrier and I had to carry geese in by hand on a pack in hunt. I can say I found the usefulness of the game carrier on that day in about 100 yards. I could see how much easier it was for him and the burning in my forearms trying to squeeze the geese by their heads to hold on to them. So, of course, I had to find a way to make one.

Game Carrier_1Originally I was going to just use Para-cord and braid one and I was advised by my friend that if I loaded it with 8 geese at 12# a piece, I’d be packing 96# on that cord and it would feel like it was cutting into my neck. So I looked around and found and old shotgun sling that was one of those slip over the barrel kind. I never liked it as it was very close to blocking with my sight bead, so it stopped using it. I figured I could use the shoulder strap and the rest of the webbing would just be cut off.

The right side you see in the above picture was a loop for a grip for the webbing and I just cut that grip out and removed it. The left side I had to cut the webbing shorter and sewed a square with an X to form up the loop in the webbing. Then I cut 2 5′ pieces of Para-cord in Black and Yellow and added one piece of back and yellow through each loop, per side.

As you can see below, I had a piece of black and yellow para-cord on each side and started braiding them so they would be a single drop. The 4 pieces make a nice flat braid for the drop. Just keep tension on it and bring the outside piece over the two inside pieces and repeat on each side.

Game Carrier_2 (800x600)Then you progress into the braid for maybe 9″ if you want a 6″ drop before you start your individual drops. I tied a small knot at the end of the braid for 9″ as a temporary knot. Then tied a new knot on each side to make sure they where even on both sides and cinched down the new braided drop knot. Then I untied the temporary knot and unbraided the drop left below the new knot.

Game Carrier_3 (800x600)As seen Above and below you can see the drops ties into loop knots. I used these loop knots as ever other game carrier I have seen used metal rings and the local hardware store wanted $1 for each 1″ brass ring and I could not find any smaller rings. $8 for just rings was raising my costs too high to make it worthy as a DIY project. So I switched to just using an overhand loop knot as the cinch point. It’s so much cheaper and works just as well.

Game Carrier_5 (800x600)The final Piece is to turn the Overhand loops inside them selves so they can cinch onto a duck or goose head, or what every the game quarry you are chasing is. The picture below shows the knot loop turned inside of it self so it can act as a cinch loop to hold the game to be carried out.

Game Carrier_4 (800x600)

UPDATE 10-16-14 — I put the Game carrier to use during duck season.

Game Carrier 6 (600x800)


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