A Float on the Conococheague Creek

Myself and two of my buddies, Greg and Ted, decided to finish out the early split for duck season with a creek float just to target wood ducks. But the ducks did not want to cooperate. I think someone else tried this during the week and they would not come any where near us.

Here is Greg floating in his Wilderness Commander 120.

IMG_1142 (800x466)

Most of what you will see is just some colorful foliage of a Western Maryland Creek

IMG_1146 (800x600)

Then I got behind Greg, on the left, and Ted, on the right, to get a picture of the two of them in search of the Wooodies

IMG_1148 (800x600) IMG_1150 (600x800) IMG_1151 (800x600)

Next is a picture from my perspective in my Commander 120 looking down the creek hiding under the shore tree branches hoping for the shot that will never come.

IMG_1152 (800x600)

A close picture of Ted floating along in his Hobie Outback.

IMG_1153 (800x600)

More Fall Foliage.

IMG_1154 (800x600) IMG_1156 (800x600) IMG_1159 (800x600) IMG_1160 (800x600)

This is a water fall that flows into the creek between Kemps Mill and Route 68

IMG_1162 (800x600)

We covered 18 miles, never fired a shot, but still had quite a good time enjoying nature, and her beauty, at its finest.


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