Freezer storage bags, the easy way.

I was using vacuum sealers just like everyone else for a long time. I started having problems with mine and  the seal was bad, water getting into the seal and it failing later on and I still had freezer burnt meat. My buddy was having similar problem and just recently started to can his meat in a high pressure caner because of the same problems. I thought about getting a new vacuum sealer and the cheaper models are almost $100 and some on Cabelas for $300 – $400 and bags at $20 a roll I said “hold up”! This is way over priced and I know there is a better way, but I don’t want to can meat because then I can’t make jerky from it.

Then I remembered something I read years ago about using saved half gallon paper milk cartons for freezing duck and doves in. You can read page 155 in “The Hunter Guide to Butchering, Smoking and Curing Wild Game and Fish” and see what I mean. You would slide a whole duck in and fill with water and freeze it. Or add doves, fill higher than the doves and freeze. If you get more doves you add the and more water and freeze to the top. Then you could stack them like cord wood in the freezer. With the meat surrounded by water it can’t get freezer burned. So I just started doing the same thing, but with Ziploc freezer bags.

Freezer Bag_2

As you can see the bags can be labeled before filling and its not highly technical. The meat is soaked for a couple days in salt water after scoring any clotted areas to wash and drain away excess blood. Then the meat is put in the bag and just enough water added to cover the meat. Just about seal the zipper and put pressure on the bag to push the air out and almost get water to the zipper and close it.

Freezer Bag_1

Here is the bag resting on a pan to go into the kitchen freezer for quick freezing before being put away. As you can see and little air is in contact with the meat once frozen, but a little water and refreezing and it will be perfect. This si my first attempt so I have time to practice on my game prep work this winter still.

Freezer Bag_3

Here is the bottom side and ready for the freezer. Good luck and happy hunting.


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