Outriggers for a kayak or canoe

Another old project dug up as I found people needing the information.

So, I started on this project as my first cheap Sit in Side kayak was a bit of a rocker with side to side movement. I was very comfortable in it paddling, but I was worried about shooting from it. I wanted outriggers I could deploy while setup and swing back out of the way for paddling in and out.

Outrigger stuff (1024x768) So the main parts you can see above.

2 – Scotty Rodmaster II rod holders

4 – Lobster floats

1 piece of 1/2″ conduit

various PVC fittings.

It’s been and while and I can’t remember all the sizes on the fittings, but I got PVC schedule 40 pipe that slide into the rod holders. Then it was drilled through the rod holder and PVC when finished so a hitch pin would keep the outriggers secure while in use.

Outrigger1 (1024x702)Above you can see how it was assembled. I did not use PVC through the outriggers like so many other guys do for fishing. These were being used hunting and thin PVC like 1/2″ will snap in the cold. the larger sizes holds up much better. The pipe caps are just slide on to the end of the conduit and glued down with a silicone glue like Goop. The caps where added to keep water out of the conduit. Two screws go through the tee so keep the conduit from spinning in the PVC.

Below was how it looked once deployed. You just loosen the rod holders, lift the outriggers, tighten it back up. Then pop it up loose, point the outriggers to the back and push it back down to lock and they are out of the way. They also helped hold a decoy back back there.

Front outriggers (1017x1010)I painted them, but must have never saved the finished pictures. Also, make sure these are mounted out of your paddle stroke if you plan to retrieve birds with them deployed!! These were not and were a huge pain in my butt. Further back or in the front would have been a better mounting position.


9 responses to “Outriggers for a kayak or canoe

    • Yes, they are in the way of the back stroke where they are mounted. I only used them while setup hunting as I “figured” I would never paddle with them. Then first time out I shoot a duck and guess what, I have to paddle out to get it. 🙂 I don’t use these and sold them off, but put it out there for people want to make a set.


    • I think it was 1 1/2″ or maybe 1 1/4″ PVC, but it was picked to fit the rod holder, so matched to what ever size you have. The fitting the conduit is in is a reducing bushing for screw pipe. It might have a 3/4″ pipe screw thread.


  1. I just recently made my own fishing kayak stabilizer (for the SunDolphin 12′ SS Boss) and used heavy duty rod holders for each side. The only problem is that the bracket that’s attached to the kayak “pushes in and out” (has too much give) because the thickness of the kayak isn’t strong enough and the floats literally push into the kayak which doesn’t stabilize. How can I correct this?


      • I don’t have any backer plate on it now – the rod holder bracket is directly mounted on top of the 2 sides


      • If the kayak is flexing the walls are too thin for support and you need a backer plate. Old 5 gallon bucket layers could help as backer plates. Tying the two mounting holes together inside with a board or something stiff would add a lot of rigidity to the mounting.


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