Gun Leash for the kayak

I’ve never liked using a paddle leash as it was always in my way, plus the paddle floats if I drop it, but I’ve always wanted a gun leash. I don’t really want one, but the chance for dropping a $400 gun is worth having a tether attached just for safety sake. I had won a paddle leash at a kayak jamboree and never used it, so it got re-purposed as a gun leash.

IMG_0501 - Small

The paddle leash is all the same as it came from Yak Gear except I replaced the plastic clip with an small aluminum carbiner. I needed the plastic clip as a replacement on my blind bag and the reason I needed on my blind bag as it broke under weight. So, it did not want it to be the failure point to a gun leash failure.

IMG_0503 - SmallAbove shows the leash attached to the gun and to the seat bar on my Commander 120. I plan to replace the Velcro with some webbing and a metal clip on cinch as I know the Velcro will wear out, but it works for now.

Below is a closer look at the Uncle Mike’s gun sling attachment that was added to my Baikal MP-153 to make the secure attachment to the gun for the leash. The sling holder should be set about 2″ from the end of your stock on wood stocks, but I don’t think it matters as much on synthetic stocks. An inch might be OK, just to keep it from interfering with your clothes when shouldering the gun.

IMG_0506 - SmallEnjoy


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