The Smokehouse – Part 1 – the footing

I have always wanted a smoke house where you cook your food on a real fire and not gas or charcoal with smoldering wood to add the flavor. I did the research for a while and decided after watching the one on Tim Farmer’s videos that I wanted one like he had built, but I might make a few changes and mine did not have to be as big. Mine will only be 2.5′ x 2.5″ outside dimensions with about a 2′ wide interior dimensions.

So here is my “crew” that helped with the installation. Sonya helped add water and mix the concrete some and make sure it was level as it was poured. Kako took turns getting in the way and inspecting everything that was done. 🙂 This is what they looked like at the end of the morning work on Day 1 after we finished pouring the base for the fire box.

1 - Fire box baseHere is a better picture of the 4′ wide by 3′ deep pad base for the fire box.

2 - FireboxNext I started on leveling for the rest of the pad bases after my daughter went back in and Kako stayed to supervise and make sure I stayed on task. Everything to the left was to be level with the top of the frame for the fire box base. I was working on my designed in AutoCAD, as I do with everything, and I figured the flue pipe should be 3.5″ higher than the base of the fire box, at least. When the fire box is built the base will be fire bricks laid flat and that could be 2″ high alone and I did not want to have to build up the flue pipe above the poured base. Pictures in later phases will show his better, but its the reason the smokehouse base and flue pipe base is an entire 2×4 height higher.

3 - gradingNow below this was the end of Day 1 for this project. You can see the cement is drying a little and I have the spot for the flue pipe and smokehouse pads leveled out. I just need to wait for Sunday morning to remove the frame for the fire box pad so I can frame and start on the other two pads.

4 - gradingNow here everything is poured and you can see the 1′ x 4′ pad base for the flue pipe where it will extend out to the fire box and into the block base of the smoke house on the left. I drove 4 one foot long pieces of 1/2″ rebar through the wet concrete and into the ground to sit steady until the concrete is cured. These are 2′ apart and 6″ from each corner on the 3′ x 3′ smoke house pad base. These rebar pieces will it inside the holes in the cinder block and with a little concrete or mortar dumped in the holes it will prevent the block from ever moving on the pad base.

5 - smoke baseA view from the fire box pad looking down the flue pipe pad to the smokehouse pad. When its all finished I should have a about a 1′ or more of apron space in front of the fire box door to make sure embers never catch anything on fire and I just have a cleaning working space.

6 - smoke baseThe view from the smoke house side

7 - smoke baseThe view from the front.

8 smoke baseEnjoy


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