Deer Bologna, the first try

I started getting the lectures from my daughter. “I want to eat some of MY deer!” and variants along those lines of the same sentence. So, had to start researching bologna recipes. I started searching the net and compiled a few recipes to try and edit. We edited a variety of things we liked into one. The closest to what I might like, without giving away my wife’s recipes, would be Scott Messenger’sΒ  recipe he posted. We made a variant of his recipe with changes my wife wanted for this one. It has a nice sweet bologna recipe you might want to copy.

I can’t give out the details of “our” changes without pain of death, or something similar along those lines. The wife would be very unhappy if I share HER recipes, as I am the muscle for cooking, but she is the chef. πŸ™‚

Here is a picture of the 5 pounds of 80/20 beef and 5 pounds of deer mixed.

Bologna 1

Then spices, liquid and tender-quick was mixed in to the meat and rested overnight in the fridge. This is what I looked like after removed from the fridge and ready to be stuffed. You can let the meat warm if you are going to smoke, or cook, it right away. It is easier to work with it warmer and it should not be cold when added to the smoker.

Bologna 3 overnight

We used these casing from Amazon that are a 2″ diameter. I don’t think I would want to go any smaller unless I was making snack sticks, which will come another day. I am not sure these are the best or the cheapest, and they are just what I tried for this stuffing. They worked pretty good but 10# of meat used all but two of them.

Then my trusty helper started by pushing the meat into the grinder so we could stuff the casings. The sticky meat kept grabbing the plunger and not wanting to go down. We decided right then that I wanted a sausage stuffer for Christmas and Cabela’s had one on sale with metal gears for $99.99 and I ordered it to be put under the tree for me. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to me!

Bologna 4 Stuffing

Here is 16 stuffed 2″ casings that are about 10″ long ready for the smoker. My daughter weighed them and they were close to 13 oz. each.

Bologna 5

Now for the mistake of the process. I hung the stuffed casings in my gas smoker, as the smokehouse is not ready yet. The Wood chips go into a box over the gas flame. The new bag of wood chips said to just rap them in foil and set them in to smoke. I had a a metal box for them to go in and that’s all good, right? NO, it is not, you have to wet them down like I always have done. If you don’t the wood chip catch fire and heat the smoker to 300 degrees, not 200 degrees as you need. So you can see by the shrived casings as I rendered too much fat out of the bologna. 😦

Bologna 6 over cooked

It still tastes great but a few of them are overly dry. So mind your heat when making bologna.






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