Bump bucket tree bracket

So I had wanted to make bump buckets to place out where we are hunting, but I just needed a bracket to hang them 10 yards from our stands. They are not meant for being like feeder that draws a lot of deer in, but more like a station they might stop and check while you are getting ready for a shot. This is what the finished product looks like except the lid is partially snapped on. The ratchet strap is grabbing two holes in the top and the V on the bottom is resting and steadying the bracket on the tree.


The parts list consists of the following;

  • 16″ of 2″ angle
  • 30″ of 1″ 14ga square tubing
  • 8″ of 3/4″ angle
  • 6″ of 3/16″ rod bend into a hook. (Substitute a bolt on hook or what ever you have)

It was clamped together prior to being welded and here is a full side view of it.


A closer side view of it.


A closer view from the bottom. This might be the only thing I would have changed. I used 8″ of angle and cut in in the middle to make a V. If making one again I might make it 10″ to 12″ and make the V a steeper angle for smaller trees.


So it got welded and two coats of black trailer paint and several days curing and out to the woods as you saw in the first picture.

I am not going to cover a lot on the bump bucket as plenty of people have them all over the internet. It is just  a bucket with a hole in it with a stick or pipe to force corn out when it is moved. They deer bump the stick and they get more corn. It takes some training of the deer and its generally a slow feeder and I wanted it as a station just to slow deer down or bring closer for the shot.

A view inside the bucket showing the old broken hoe handle I had and how I put an 8/32 bolt through it to hold it in the bucket. The hole was altered to be slightly larger than shown in this picture.


A view from the bottom


Take a rasp and some corn and test it for how much corn it drops and fit it to how much corn you want it to drop.


Post Script,

I shortened one of the arms to make it closer to a Peanut butter jar to teach the deer to use it better. To be honest, deer aren’t very smart and trainable! Or they have too many options and just ignore this mostly. They do use it, but the squirrels are terrors.

The little buggers learned in weeks to climb up on it and run out the arm and jump on the bucket. It was enough motion to wiggle the pole and make corn fall out. Then they would run down the tree and eat the corn. They learn twice, or more, faster than deer.

My advice, if you do this, take up squirrel hunting also!

Raccoons learn way to fast too, here is one that walked into the stick and noticed it will make corn drop out and started wiggling it 10 times a night or more.


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