The saw blade knife

I have always wanted to do blacksmithing, but when I brought it up as a young boy, my dad said NO, loudly. He said I’d burn myself and other things down, blah, blah, blah. Then he asked what would you do with it? I replied makes swords, knives and tools. 😀 Then again I got the NO!

Years have pasted and other hobbies took over my desires. I have always made my broadheads from old circular saws and some of the old ones I had were hard stuff. Certain hacksaw blades could not cut them. I was digging thought one of my crates and saw those blades again and started thinking. I am not sure what clicked when. But I saw one and Skinning knife popped in my head.

Skinning blade_8 (Large)

So I measured the blade rough blade and started drawing pictures in AutoCAD. I drew a knife with the desired blade curvature I wanted for skinning and resized it a few different sizes. I found one that fit my hand and still fit inside the blade stock I had.


After this was done I had to put a cutting blade on my angle grinder and cut it out SLOWLY. Anyone that knows anything about metal is if you don’t want to destroy the temper of the metal don’t turn it blue. The back and handle is not as big a deal, but the edge of the blade was highly important.


Above was the rough cut blade and the start of sanding it with 40 grit.



And continuing the sanding


Cleaned up, but found I had the wrong sanding belt for metal and wore it out.

Skinning blade_5 (Large)

A round ground bevel for the cutting edge.

Skinning blade_7 (Large)

Then a very coarse and semi course stone to finish grind the bevel. I actually was amazed how quickly this worked even by hand. I filled the kitchen sink and started grinding and dipping the stone to clear the debris. It polished up almost sharp. Then I started on it with the soft stone. Then soft stone always makes it initially feel like you are dulling it, but it changes after you started polishing it nice.

Then as you see below, I needed to test metal for hardness and how much of a “Tool Steel” it was. Many comments you read are old saws might have been OK, but many now are just mild steel. Maybe I got lucky as this one is 15+ years old. I grabbed a small piece of scrap and put it in my medium channel locks. Then locked the vise grips on the other end and bent the metal. As you can see the metal didn’t take a bend at all. It flexed some and the “Snap” and broke, which made me more comfortable in the metal quality.


The final part to this point was to make a temporary scabbard so I am not dulling it and cutting myself until I can make a leather one. I also make a para-cord handle and these are all over YouTube if you want to see more about it.

Skinning blade_9 (Large)



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