Beer brats made with venison

I had found this recipe on line on smokingmeats forum and knew I needed to try it. I liked it and didn’t change it at all. I had only one 1.7# pack of ground deer left, so I upped the percentage of pork butt to get to 5 pounds. What you see below went into the freezer for an hour. Then it went through the grinder on the coarse plate.

Dogs-brats1 (Large)

The coarse grind with the deer meat after an hour in the freezer again. Then back into the grinder on the fine 1/8″ plate.

Dogs-brats2 (Large)

Here it is coming out on the fine plate ready to be mixed with spices.

Dogs-brats3 (Large)

Below is both portions separated out and mixed with the different spices for each batch. Then dropped into 1 gallon Ziploc to rest for the night.

IMG_1016 (Large)

Then they were stuff and froze on trays for  1 1/2 hours to be solid enough and not fight me on vacuum sealing. I have had fresh sausage start squeezing partially out of the casings some.

IMG_1022 (Large)

I stuffed these using the Home packs as a trial, but I have had trouble with them bursting. I really recommend buying full hank casings. It will make your life easier. Now below you can have the recipe if you would like to try it. I got great reviews from the people eating my fry test piece, but they ate it all so it must have been good.

Beer brat recipe



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