Spicy Pepperoni

So, Its raining all morning and I can’t hunt. So I started digging through old files of stuff I have done and will be posting them up. Here is a Pepperoni recipe I got off the smoking meat forum from RBlum. The original is his recipe and I like it. Its hot on a pizza and too hot for the wife and daughter! The light very is very nice, but still a bit spicy for the girls. My buddy Kevin likes the hot and ate them like snack sticks with beer. 😀

Pepperoni recipe

I make mine to be 20% to 15% fat content like you would bologna. I don’t like that greasy stuff they sell in the stores. You eat it cold and the fat lines the roof of your mouth. This was stuff into 21mm collagen casings as I had them laying around to try. I would probably stuff 32mm casing nest time.


It was a great recipe and I gave you an adjustment from the original if you donlt want it as hot. If you don’t like spicy, you better lessen the light one also.




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