From the name of the blog alone, you can pretty much tell what I am into. I love fishing and waterfowl hunting and I like to do both in kayaks. I also am a tinkerer and if it can be repaired, taken apart and rebuilt, I want too work on it. I used to be very big into primitive archery and made all of my own bows and arrows from scratch. I kind of fell out of that as I have not been deer hunting lately. Maybe someday again, just not right now.

I will post about my projects of making things and some of the fishing or hunting trips I have been out on.

I work in the security and fire industry and am a Nicet 4 fire engineer. I design computer networks, security, fire, mass notification and monitoring systems, but I won’t be talking about that here. 😀

I also run another Blog on here covering Primtive archery and American Indian weapons and crafts. I have not done it for several years, but lost the hosting for all the stuff I wrote before. Now I am reposting some of it. The Bowyer’s Den



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